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Cardinal Francis Chicago Reacts on Issues of Past Sexual Misconducts in the Clergy

January 13th, 2014 - Comments Off

CHICAGO, Illinois – Reports state that Cardinal Francis George of the Archdiocese of Chicago posted a letter to the members of his archdiocese regarding the announced release of documents involving past clergy sexual misconduct. In his letter, he reaffirmed that there have been no sex offenders active in ministry.

“So far as can be known from all our records, there is no priest in public ministry in the Archdiocese of Chicago who has been found to have sexually abused a child, no matter when the abuse took place,” he stated.

The archdiocese will reportedly release an official report regarding sexual misconduct cases by the clergy this coming January 15, 2013. The report would include 30 offenders with over 40 abuse victims. Archdiocese attorney John O’Malley told the Chicago Tribune that none of the said incidents happened after 1996 and that 95 percent reportedly occurred before the year 1998.

Cardinal Georg also added that the report would be a great help, however it would painfully affect the clergy.

“Painful though publicly reviewing the past can be, it is part of the accountability and transparency to which the Archdiocese is committed,” he stated.

“Accountability to the civil authorities constitutionally responsible for the protection of children is part of the life of the Church here.”

“I removed from all public ministry those who had been allowed some pastoral work under the rules in effect under my predecessor,” stated Cardinal George.

Included in his letter, he stated that employees in every archdiocese as well as volunteers should undergo background checks and child protection training.

“Once again, I apologize to all those who have harmed by these crimes and this scandal,” he stated.

In relation to the issue, Cardinal George’s letter also discussed the McCormack controversy; stating that neither in Chicago “nor in any previous posting as a bishop or a religious superior have I assigned to pastoral ministry or transferred for ministry a priest whom I knew to have sexually abused a child.”

He added the former priest had a reputation as “a dedicated priest and an effective pastor”.

Cardinal George also added that the archdiocese’s investigation of the issue started shortly being arrested in 2005, however it  was hindered because of different archdiocesan offices who did not “consistently share” with the knowledge with each other and that civil authorities did not share relevant information with the archdiocese.

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