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Pope calls for renewed political will to end civil war

January 15th, 2014 - Comments Off

VATICAN CITY, Rome — Pope Francis reportedly called for renewed political will on Monday to end the conflict in Syria and lamented a “general indifference” to the unfortunate situation of refugees around the world.

Pope Francis

In his first “State of the World” address to diplomats from 180 countries accredited to the Vatican, the pope also spoke of his concern over violence in Lebanon, Iraq, Egypt and parts of Africa.

“What is presently needed is a renewed political will to end the conflict,” the pope said of the civil war in Syria.

“At the same time, full respect for humanitarian law remains essential. It is unacceptable that unarmed civilians, especially children, become targets,” he said.

In his yearly address, the pope said he hoped the Geneva 2 conference due on Jan. 22 under U.N. auspices “will mark the beginning of the desired peace process.”

Francis lamented that many people in the Middle East and Africa were living as “refugees in camps where they are no longer seen as persons but as nameless statistics.”

He said the world had forgotten those who risked their lives in rickety boats to seek a better life in Europe. Reports say 366 Eritreans drowned in a shipwreck in October near the Italian island of Lampedusa.

“Sadly, there is a general indifference in the face of these tragedies, which is a dramatic sign of the loss of that sense of responsibility for our brothers and sisters on which every civil society is based,” he said.

The pope spoke of his concern that conflicts in the Middle East and north Africa were fuelling “an exodus of Christians” fleeing because of fears for their safety.

Meanwhile, Francis also made another appeal for respect for the environment, quoting a popular saying in his native Argentina.

“God always forgives, we sometimes forgive, but when nature – creation – is mistreated, she never forgives,” he said.

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