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Catholic Charities Supports Victims of Hurricane Irene

August 31st, 2011 - Comments Off

Kim Burgo, Vice President of Disaster Operations for CCUSA

WASHINGTON, DCCatholic Charities USA (CCUSA) stands out as the biggest private network of social service agencies in the United States and also one of the nation’s major providers of disaster response and disaster case management services.

Having a good reputation for supporting victims of hurricanes including Katrina, Ivan and Isabel, as well as other natural disasters, CCUSA started preparations for Irene just before the actual storm touched land.

“In many ways, we were blessed — Irene came with less intensity and impact than what we expected, but there are still thousands of people dealing with power outages, property damage, and personal loss,” mentioned Kim Burgo, Vice President of Disaster Operations for CCUSA.

“As the nation moves on from this hurricane, and the headlines cover the next story, we cannot forget about the people that have been affected. Catholic Charities will be there to help.”

Burgo stated that the number with regard to incidents has expanded resources towards the limit. With this particular new event, Catholic Charities is sending out a request for donations to assist cover the support they are going to need to provide the victims of this recent natural disaster.

“Our resources-both dollar and human-have been stretched with the detrimental spring tornados and storms that affected most of the mid and eastern United States. We call upon everyone to participate in CCUSA disaster response efforts by being generous financial supporters.”

A disaster donation webpage was created on the Catholic Charities website to receive gifts. For many of the country, which includes areas “affected” by the hurricane, life returned on track in a short time once the storm had passed. Individuals, however, who received the impact of this huge weather system continues to cope with destruction, debris and the effect of vast flooding for days, weeks and perhaps months in the future.

Reports usually are ongoing to filter in concerning the impact of Hurricane Irene on the East coast. At this time, the cost from the devastation left behind is estimated at over $13 billion. The storm initially hit land in North Carolina and Virginia, after that trudged slowly up the East coast leaving behind a lot more than one-half million homes and businesses in New England alone without having electrical power.

The toll of this tragic storm involves 44 people dead in eight states, most out of drowning. Additionally, high winds ruined buildings, tore through tree lines, and also downed power lines, which in turn caused many fires. Now flooding of low-lying areas from the mid-Atlantic northward is actually increasing the impact of the terrible hurricane.

Catholic Charities USA’s members offer help and create hope for more than 9 million individuals annually in spite of religious, social, or economic backgrounds. For almost 300 years, Catholic Charities agencies have worked to lessen poverty by providing an array of essential services in their communities, which range from health care as well as job training to food and housing.

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