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Pope says sin calls for ‘spritual combat,’ not denial

March 15th, 2011 - Comments Off

VATICAN CITY, Rome — Pope Benedict XVI at Sunday’s Angelus focused on the reality of sin to the individual’s life and encourages the Christian believers to join with Christ in “spiritual combat” during Lent.

Many pilgrims gathered at St. Peter’s Square to pray the Angelus with the Pope on the first Sunday of Lent.

Pope Benedict XVI said that the forty days of Lent is a “culmination of his mission of salvation.”

The Pope also recognized the reality that many of the people now do not accept the term sin or the reality of sin. He further added that the reality of sin and evil is the reason why the Lent and the cross exist.

The Pope also said that “if God is eliminated from the horizons of the world, one can no longer speak of sin.” Maybe this is one of the reasons why people claimed that there is no God, to eliminate sin. When sin is eliminated, there is no more sense of accountability.

However, the Pope added that “the sense of sin – which is different from the ‘sense of guilt’ as psychology understands it – is acquired, rediscovering the sense of God.”

Upon expounding the reality of evil and sin, the Pope also implied that God wants to save the sinners and hates sin. He said, “God does not tolerate evil, because he is love, justice and fidelity – and precisely for this he does not want the death of the sinner, but that he may repent and live.”

Surely we are not consumed by God’s wrath because of His mercy.  His love for His people can be seen in His intervention of the Jewish people in the slavery of Egypt. The Pope said that we are to be delivered in the slavery of sin in our modern times. The Pope said, “The most serious and most profound slavery is precisely that of sin. For this, God sent his son to the world: to liberate men from the dominion of Satan, ‘origin and cause of every sin’.”

He continues to encourage believers to combat sin. St. Paul the Apostle implies that it is impossible for us to combat sin on our own. He says that the human tendency is to sin being in the flesh. He calls for the change of mind to every believers and the surrender of the will to Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. He said that we are dead to sin and needs to be quickened by the Holy Spirit. We cannot be free from the slavery of sin if we don’t recognize our sins and ourselves as a sinner. We cannot be free from the slavery of our sin through our own strength but only through the blood of Jesus Christ.

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