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Skate Mate roller skate trainer–Why should you use one?

February 17th, 2012 - Comments Off

Roller skating is a very fun activity. It has aerobic benefits similar to other aerobic exercises like jogging, running, or cardio karate except that roller skating is a low impact activity. “Low impact” means that this particular activity is less stressful on your joints and will not cause your joints to undergo joint degeneration (AKA wear and tear) prematurely unlike other aerobic exercises.

While this activity can be fun and entertaining, roller skating does not come without its dangers. Safety gear should always be worn to prevent serious injury. A helmet, wrist guards, elbow guards, and knee guards should always be worn when you are a beginning skater.

A Skate Mate roller skate trainer will enable the novice skater to develop two things:

  1. balance
  2. proprioception

A Skate Mate roller skate trainer is highly recommended because as a first time skater, you WILL have balance problems. Just like a baby who is learning how to walk will have balance problems and need a rolling walker to stand in, so too does a beginning skater need a roller skate trainer to guard against balance problems that promote falls and serious injuries.

You can not learn how to box effectively if you do not have the proper tools to box with minimal injury. Likwise, you can not learn how to skate effectively if you are always injuring yourself from frequent falling. For that reason, a roller skate trainer is needed to maintain your balance.

A Skate Mate roller skate trainer is the ideal tool to help you develop not only balance but also proprioception. Proprioception is a medical term to refer to your perception of the position of your joints without looking at your joints; i.e. “joint position sense”. As I am sitting here writing this article, my proprioception, or perception of position, tells me that both my feet are on the ground and my legs are bent at the knees without me having to look at the actual position of my legs. That is proprioception.

Another way of putting it is that a guitarist would know where to strike the G-string by the position of his fingers on the guitar without him having to look at the strings. That is proprioception.

As a beginning skater, a Skate Mate roller skate trainer will help you develop proprioception so that you can skate down the aisle without looking at the position of your feet which will determine what direction you will be going as you travel on moving wheels.

Did you know that there is a neurological purpose when roller skating rinks do what is known as a “blackout” for a few songs? When they do a blackout, the lack of light will enable those with proprioception to continue skating while knowing where their feet are positioned on the floor. Skaters with little or no perception of position would find it difficult to skate in the dark and would have to wait until the lights return to see how their feet are positioned on the floor when they skate.

In a nutshell, those with proprioception have the ability to skate in the presence or absence of light whereas those with little or no proprioception require light in order to see how their feet are positioned for skating.

Balance and proprioception are two very important things you need to develop as a newbie roller skater. The proper tools such as a Skate Mate roller skate trainer are needed to stimulate proper neurological communication from your brain to your lower extremities (legs) and vice versa, to minimize injury during the learning process, and to maximize the enjoyment on skates.

Marissa Meme is a roller skating enthusiast and an article marketer for CatholicFavors.com where you can buy not only the Skate Mate roller skate trainer but also the finest in Catholic related items such as First Holy Communion gifts for boys and girls, and Confirmation crosses.

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