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Diamond-cut disco ball crystal rosaries

February 28th, 2012 - Comments Off

Each of our beautiful crystal rosaries is diamond cut to mimic the symmetry, proportioning, and polishing of a real diamond. Each bead within the rosary is cut to perfection to provide brilliance.

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Cross necklaces for Lent

February 22nd, 2012 - Comments Off

Happy Ash Wednesday in 2012! At, let us help you celebrate the Lenten season with a few Lent cross necklaces to get you edified.

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Pope Benedict XVI speaks of Christ’s humble deeds

January 29th, 2012 - Comments Off

VATICAN CITY, Italy – During his Sunday Angelus address today, Pope Benedict XVI talked about Jesus Christ’s humble service and love.

“For man, authority often means possession, power, control, success,” Pope Benedict mentioned to the thousands of pilgrims who attended the event in St. Peter’s Square.

“For God, however, authority means service, humility, love,” he added, “it means entering into the logic of Jesus who stoops to wash the disciples’ feet, who seeks the true good of man, who heals wounds, who is capable of a love so great as to give up his life, because he is Love.”

German priest, martyred by Nazis, is beatified

June 15th, 2011 - Comments Off

DRESDEN, Germany – A German priest who was killed by the Nazis was beatified by the Roman Catholic Church.

Records show that the German priest was killed two years after he was arrested. He is believed to have been killed by the Nazis in the concentration camp at Dachau. He was arrested by the National Socialists in 1941 for criticizing the regime. He was killed by means of lethal injection. He died at the age of 28 and was stricken by typhus in the year 1943.

Crowds of faithful jam Vatican to honor Pope John Paul II

May 1st, 2011 - Comments Off

VATICAN CITY, Rome – Crowds around the world gathered at Rome as they witness the late Pope John Paul II be declared as “blessed.”

Reports say there were more than one million pilgrims and tourist who gathered around St. Peter’s Square to witness the declaration of the Roman Catholic Church’s greatest saint maker and conservative theologian.

The longest serving Polish Pope was beatified by Pope Benedict XVI. A huge portrait of the late Pope John Paul the second was unveiled as he was beatified.

Pope says sin calls for ‘spritual combat,’ not denial

March 15th, 2011 - Comments Off

VATICAN CITY, Rome — Pope Benedict XVI at Sunday’s Angelus focused on the reality of sin to the individual’s life and encourages the Christian believers to join with Christ in “spiritual combat” during Lent.

Many pilgrims gathered at St. Peter’s Square to pray the Angelus with the Pope on the first Sunday of Lent.

Pope Benedict XVI said that the forty days of Lent is a “culmination of his mission of salvation.”

The Pope also recognized the reality that many of the people now do not accept the term sin or the reality of sin. He further added that the reality of sin and evil is the reason why the Lent and the cross exist.

Bishop Urges Catholics to Strengthen their Faith during Lenten Season

February 25th, 2011 - Comments Off

A pastoral letter to the faithful was read Feb 23 in the diocese of Bishop Carlos Franzini.

BUENOS AIRES, Argentina – Argentinian Bishop Carlos Franzini of Rafaela, Argentina, calls all Catholics to seek Christ during the upcoming Season of Lent.

Lent Wednesday this year will begin on March 9.

A pastoral letter was read in a Feb. 23 mass, to help Catholics in his diocese prepare for the upcoming perennial season. It said that the bishop encouraged them to “seek out a more profound encounter with the Lord to strengthen their faith.”

Retired US Cardinal on Watchful Eye in Middle East Situation

February 24th, 2011 - Comments Off

PHILADELPHIA, Pennsylvania – Retired and resigned grand master of the Knights of the Holy Sepulcher of Jerusalem, Cardinal John P. Foley is all eyes on the revolution in Egypt and other Middle East nations as the organization helps to raise funds for church’s works in that region.

“I can understand the current unrest — it’s an expression of desire for democracy, but I hope it doesn’t become a situation in which Christians are further discriminated against in any of these countries,” Cardinal Foley said. “The situation is so unstable there, and of course Christians are such a minority there.”

Pope John Paul II’s Body to be Exhumed for Beatification

February 23rd, 2011 - Comments Off

LOS ANGELES, California — “For the beatification Mass of Pope John Paul II, as made clear from the outset, no tickets are required,” the Vatican said. The Vatican also advise the faithful not to fall prey to fraudster, especially on internet, who sells tickets for the beatification.

The Vatican said, refrain from tour operators promising to secure tickets as part of their packages.

John Paul II, who died in 2005, will be declared a blessed of the church and move one step closer to sainthood. Italian and Church authorities expect an estimated crowd of more than a million for the mass.

Milwaukee Archbishop Listecki Affirms Value of Worker Unions but Calls all to the Common Good

February 20th, 2011 - Comments Off

He calls to unions to work for the common good.

MILWAUKEE, Wisconsin — The protests amongst the Wisconsin’s tens of thousands of public employees against the proposed bill that would limit the collective bargaining rights of unions, as well as the cost of pension and health care benefits, the Archbishop Jerome Listecki of Milwaukee is affirming the rights of workers and the value of unions.

The archbishop said, “The Church is well aware that difficult economic times call for hard choices and financial responsibility to further the common good.” He also adds, “but hard times do not nullify the moral obligation each of us has to respect the legitimate rights of workers.”